How to Lease a Retail Space at the Salesforce Transit Center

  1. Submit an online Tenant Application or a Broker Application (on behalf of a Tenant) and you will receive an automatic email response confirming receipt.

  2. A Salesforce Transit Center team member will respond to your inquiry within ten (10) business days to provide a status update and, if needed, ask additional questions.

  3. If requested, a Tour can be scheduled:

    a. For you to review the project to help decide whether you wish to move forward with submitting a proposal to lease; or

    b. After you have identified space(s) that you would like to lease and have available your entire team—architect, contractor, management—to tour.

    If you do not have access to an architect, a contractor, or an attorney, please send an email to and we can make a referral.

  4. Submit your Letter of Intent form with all required documentation:
    a. Resume, Concept Description, Business Plan, and Proforma
    b. Financials for entity planning on signing lease
    i. Proof of Capital
    ii. Two years of business or personal tax returns

  5. A Salesforce Transit Center team member will respond to the Letter of Intent package with either a counter or additional questions.

  6. Deals will be evaluated based upon the following points:
    a. Is proposed Tenant a local business?
    b. Does Tenant’s use fit within the merchandising plan?
    c. Does Tenant have the operating experience, financial capital, and                product offering that will enhance the neighborhood and meet the              needs of the customers of the Salesforce Transit Center?

    Throughout all of these efforts, we will remain focused on:
         i. Balance of tenant categories – provides variety

        ii. Balance of local, established, and emerging businesses – provides              flavor and interest

        iii. Balance of price levels – provides accessibility

        iv. Balance of operating hours – provides day‐long project activation