Requirements for a Tour at the Salesforce Transit Center 

  1. Tenant or Broker has Submitted an Online Application

  2. Project Tour Arrangement for those who do not know which space is of interest:

    a. If you do not know which space is of interest and need more information a Project Tour can be arranged.

    b. It is limited to 5 persons per tour and is on a first come first serve basis every Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm. Please send an email to to schedule a tour.

  3. Leasing Tour Arrangement for those who know which space is of interest:
    a. Tenant has hired and will make available all on the day of the tour:
    - Architect
    - Contractor
    - Management and/or Operations
    - Ownership and/or Investors

    b. Please provide the following information with your tour request:

           - How much power do you need?

           - How many tons of HVAC do you need?

           - Do you require gas?

           - Do you need a cooking vent? Is it for exhausting hot air or cooking?

           - What are your plumbing requirements?

    C. Tour will be dedicated to potential tenant. Tours will be scheduled daily after 3:00.

  4. If you do not have access to an architect, a contractor, or an attorney, please send an email to and we can make a referral.

  5. The meeting place: 110 Main Street, San Francisco, CA (brown PMPC trailer)

  6. Protective Clothing:

    Attire: It is mandatory that visitors wear appropriate attire when entering the construction site. For safety reasons, full-length pants and shirts with sleeves are required. Guests wearing shorts, capris, shirts, or dresses will not be allowed onto the construction site.

    Footwear: If you are entering the construction site, you must wear appropriate shoes. Shoes shall be closed-toe and should be leather with a defined heel such as walking shoes, hiking boots, or work boots. Open-toed shoes, high-heeled shoes or boots, sneakers, sandals, pumps, fashion boots, or any other shoes that are not considered safe for walking on a construction site will not be allowed. We can accommodate those without proper footwear with a sidewalk tour and use the public overlook to view the site.

    Download Site Liability Waiver Form